Tragedy in Belgrade May the 3rd, 2023

Never again!

Tragedy in Belgrade 3/5/2023
First and foremost, most profound condolences to all that lost their children and loved ones.
When all this happens worldwide, we listen to different personalities explain and analyze these events. The Belgrade event is not an exception.
The Monstouos murders of eight children and one guard happened in the primary school that was always known as the school for the children of the elite bearing the name of the founder of the oldest Serbian daily Politika, Vladislav Ribnikar.  
The school reflects the state of the so-called elite in former Yugoslavia and now in the Republic of Serbia.
Numerous kids of then well-known politicians, security service apparatchiks, actors, doctors, writers, judges, etc.. were attending the school in the quiet area in the center of Belgrade.

With the change of elite, the school changed also.
Something similar, but with the same method used, happened in England when the old aristocracy was changed, with the new elite being enthroned by buying the titles with the new wealth they obtained. That is how the evil was introduced to the rest of us! Aristocracy based on merits was destroyed, and money started to govern over human values!
The same happened in Serbia, in Belgrade.
The old elite is gone, and the new elite has taken their places.
Both had an issue with raising their children. However, in the old days, those children were self-destructive and did not affect other people’s kids. Some, as history shows, were narcotic addicts losing their lives by overdosing, while some were “just” making suicides. They all were harmless to the rest of society, while today, we are witnessing unprecedented aggressive behaviors, both oral and, unfortunately, as we could see on the 3rd of May 2023, using guns!
The 13-year-old nonagenarian K.K., the son of a well-known family, has decided to take revenge for something he thought was attacking him and his personality. Cold-blooded, with a clear mind, he organized the mass killings that even the members of special forces of any country would envy him, knowing that, and this is crucial, he would not be charged with the murders as he was below 14 years of age. That makes him a murderer for all the generations and as many lives in every corner of this Earth and the whole universe. This statement is here to make things clear. No connections can help.
The system as we know it revealed itself in front of us once again. It confirmed, tragically, that when man’s mind denies intuition, when it is not guided by it and serves just for conditional and unconditional instincts, the humans in that state can be called animals. Unfortunately, the majority of us following that human behavior became animal-type!
That is diametrically contrary to the person with a human psyche, which skillfully manages intuition and habit and is guided by “intuitive insight,” or conscience. That can be called the human type of person. That type is in the minority now. Up to us to change the game! And we can do it!
One crucial thing should be observed! The determinant of human behavior and the acceptance of solutions, including management activity, is not the sum of the knowledge one has in the head but the type of mentality to which that person belongs!
The common denominator for all those in the animal type is the lack of love. They can fall in love but can not love as they never receive the love they need. And all that is happening till six years of age!
One question to all parents: How many of you practiced simply hugging and kissing your child without demanding and pressing them to learn and learn and do homework to become this and that? How many of you did notvsay, she/he brought ME that and that marks? Are we all sane?

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The writer of these words remembers one event between him and his son, then 12 years old. Namely, he was preparing for the entrance examination for one school, the oldest and the most well-known in our place. As I came from work, I went to his room and saw him entirely devoted to reading. Looking at his face and especially his eyes that were looking at me through his glasses, I was scared that I might lose my son to the sick ambition and sicker tradition! So, I just closed his book, and when he looked at me with surprise, I said that it was enough and that he should go and play outside. He left his glasses, closed the book, and ran out to PLAY!
What has happened? First and most important was that the stress of succeeding left, and the success came by itself. Suppose we can call passing the exam success?! It is doubtful for me.
After some time and his arduous work, he passed the exams with a smile and anecdotes, while the majority have done the same or not with anxiety and stress. We both were the witnesses of various behaviour.

It was a small achievement accompanied by many wrongdoings. As no-one is perfect do not to think that I was a perfect father.
However, the seeds were planted, and one moto, consciously or subconsciously, has been established: Every difficulty is an opportunity for more happiness!  

So, after learning that K.K. got F, or number 1 mark, the lowest in the Serbian Educational system, from the teacher he seriously wounded, one more memory reminded me how that mark, the lowest one, can be an opportunity! For that to be realized by youngsters, someone must teach them, both orally and practically! They must be able to conclude those values by themselves, as it is the only way to accept it, and proceed accordingly! If that were the case, we would not have this tragic event!

Tragic events also bring memories as we try to see how we dealt with similar, worst or same issues in our school and university days.
One 13-year-old child, now a grown-up man with a family and kids, got that lowest grade in Biology! He wanted to avoid accepting the request by the teacher to come in front of the skeleton and present the bones of the human body. The whole class told him to go and that they would help him. He refused. The teacher said she was forced to give the lowest mark, which he accepted, bearing in mind that he will show his knowledge in the next lesson!
That is precisely what has happened.
So, at the next lesson, that person voluntarily asked the teacher to go in front of the class and answer all the teacher’s questions correctly. Happy with the progress, the teacher gave him the highest rating of 5.
The same person had a similar situation when he was 17—namely, the same happened with the Geography lesson. However, in Geography, the professor said that she would wait till the last class to examine the whole book of geography before deciding which rating to assign to him.  
So he needed to learn the whole book of Geography for the 3rd grade of Gymnasium and keep it in his mind till the last lesson. When that last lesson came, he was answering for 45 minutes all the questions from the professor, and he was correct with all of them. With all! He learned all the Geography lesson book and, as far as I know, that knowledge stayed with him till today as he passed half the century of his life! Even though the professor gave him the highest rating of five, his year rating was reduced to four to” be a remembrance for the future.” That was an extra lesson!  
So, dear children!
In everything, see the opportunity, as after the tears of sorrow, there will be tears of joy, and after the failure, the rise will come as the sun comes after the rain! This is not a cliche! It is how the universe works!
You will succeed in winning over today’s predominant MOB Elite Society!

What is the MOB?

According to the wiser man than me, it is a crowd-elitist system of evil who live according to the authority of some leaders, greed, and ideas distorted or misunderstood. The ideas that have money as the principal value, abandoning families, children, nations, and you name the rest.

It is the clan system where money is used to make money and not to accompany the circulation of goods and services.

The MOBs try to solve the problems they make by using humanity and its resources!

Humanity’s resources are not only electricity, energy, roads, lithium, gas, and oil. Humanity’s primary resources are our children and their future! So, thumbs up to all those that will make their life purpose to educate the children in the new humanity way! THUMB UP 👍!

The evil concept affecting the minds of the people and their social behavior with the youth, the future of our planet Earth as the primary target, needs to be destroyed!

So, we, the majority, know what is going on and who is to blame, but we differ on what we should do.

Here is one proposal.

Change the educational system!

Instead of shreds of evidence and facts, teach the methodology how to learn! How to sharpen intuition and intuitive insights-conscience!

That will reduce primary and secondary education by at least four years. Use that four years to teach virtues such as family values, compassion, and togetherness. How to make bread and plant the seeds. How to watch the stars!

NO MARKS, NO RATINGS, NO NUMBERS, NO LETTERS! Just overall observations about behavior!

It is a must to teach that every failure is an opportunity for rise!

Teaching youth to recognize the warning of failing when they stumble should be a must.



With it, the evil will die, and the humanity will be reborn!

This was a monstrous tragedy, and let us not leave it as a tragedy but let us use it as the seed for a new society, values, and humanity!

Serbian People have the power to do it! If there are politicians that want to follow people, welcome.

Let’s make it our life purpose!

May 4th, 2023

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