Cyprus Symphony Orchestra-06/04/2023

April 6, 2023.

Cyprus Symphony Orchestra.

It was not the first time to enjoy music performed by professional, dedicated, and inspired musicians of the Cyprus Symphony Orchestra.

However, something of importance has occurred this time, at least for my taste.
First, I had the pleasure of listening to and enjoying Tassos Stylianou’s “Green Line” work. Second, and not less importantly, I saw for the first time the performance of Charles Olivieri-Munroe, the conductor, who is a natural refreshment for the Orchestra.

I did not know at that moment why, but during the concert, especially with the parts of Beethoven’s opus No.: 43, “The Creatures of Prometheus,” I remembered, believe it or not, the legendary Mr. Willi Boskovsky, born Willibald Karl Boskovsky, the concertmaster of Wienner Orchestra from 1939 till 1970 and the conductor of Vienna New Year’s concerts from 1955 till 1979! I had the honor of seeing him on TV 4 times from 1976 till 1979! And by the way, I still remember Maestro Lorin Mazel, whom I had the pleasure to see performing for the first time in the 1980 New Year Concert. For the record, I was ten years old in January 1976, and since then, I have followed my family tradition to see, on TV, all Viena New Year Concerts, less two that I missed! And about some of them, I kept a diary where I expressed my feelings. Immortal memories! Those were the moments, to use the definition of Epiphany, “of sudden and great revelation or realization.”
So, there are now forty-five years that I am following it as it inspires my family and me to start the year with additional family bonding providing the strength to continue with positivity and determination to overcome any obstacles that may arise. Obstacles always arise. It is the nature of us humans. You know that.

Well, what is certain is that the performance of Maestro Charles Olivieri-Munroe made my mind to dig inside and find the memories that are very dear to me. Thank you, Maestro.

I will come back to the traditions later as it is an integral part of this post, but before that, let me, not as a music critic, which I am not, but as an ordinary music listener, share with you my impressions about Mr. Tasos Stylianou work, Green Line.
So, before starting, let me introduce you to what is the Green Line. The Green Line is not some environmental line that has to do with CO2 emissions, but it is the division line in Cyprus that has been drawn with the green color pen or ink. Whatever, it was green. Tragicgreen color could be named.
It is the division line.
Many of us have passed that line, some more, some less, and have experienced the sounds there. We ignore the sounds when crossing the Green Line. We all just want to pass through, especially the refugees and their descendants who wish to go and see their property and Turkish Cypriots they know, to talk and share their pain and hope. Their nostalgia for unity and togetherness. Many stories from the people born there are very emotional, and most show how humanity wins over all the pain and tragedy! The same goes for Turkish Cypriots visiting Limassol, Nicosia, Larnaca, and Paphos, that share their feelings of pain, hope, love, and nostalgia.
Tasos Stylianou’s work “Green Line” has achieved waking up our feelings by reducing ignorance, selfishness, and rush to do something that takes time to happen!
It has achieved, at least to me, to stop, sit down and reflect! It showed human nature, but it gave hope! Oh yes! It gave hope!
I heard the voices of confusion, pain, curiosity, murmurs, and tragedy. I felt an intense longing for a life of joy, togetherness, and happiness and one powerful, unique, beautiful feeling of productive stubbornness that says: “We are all Cypriots, and we do not care what others think!”
That is what the work of Tasos Stylianou awakened in me. I sincerely hope that hearing the piece will sharpen your awareness to observe better when you cross the Green Line next time.

Now, let me share one humble idea that came to my mind while listening to the rest of the concert and watching the performance of the Conductor Charles Olivieri-Munroe.
What will happen if Cyprus Symphony Orchestra starts making a tradition? Like Vienna New Year Concert!
OOO, I know! Many would say no, we are not Vienna, or maybe think something else. Its natural. But still, here is the idea to stay and be present. It is for common good! ONLY!
Cyprus Symphony Orchestra Traditional Epiphany Concert January 6th.
The year to start is up to organizers if and when they meet to decide.
You have it! I saw him Yesterday night. Did you?
You have it!
OOO, you indeed have it!
Here I humbly suggest that French, Venetians, Genovese, British, Greek, Turkish, Armenian, Egyptian and Jewish composers be represented.
The opening piece each year could be Tasos Stylianou’s “Green Line” work as long as it lasts.

Music connects, music heals, music inspires, and music softens.The definition of Epiphany to be used is as I mentioned above, “a moment of sudden and great revelation or realization,” that would be acceptable for all.

I would profoundly like to thank Cyprus Symphony Orchestra for the memorable and highly inspirational yesterdays concert with a wish for more of the same and with the aim to MAKE TRADITIONS and TO UNITE.


Darko K.

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