When the time is right

It’s remarkable how thoughts play in the rain. Singing in the rain could be changed with thinking in the rain. Rainy, cold day in Nicosia reflects the snow in Trodos mountains as the temperature there reached -2 degrees Celsius or 28.4 degrees Fahrenheit. Depends which world view you follow. Time for coat, scarf and nice warm coffee. This time Kenyan. Why? Well in Nairobi, the capital of Kenya is currently 27 degrees Celsius or 80.6 degrees Fahrenheit. For us non,so-called scientists, it looks that the world view for those using Fahrenheit degrees is hugely inflated. You know the word – inflation. Very interesting word. It is, to explain using non scientific tangible explanation, like you use the word love so many times and all in the wrong place and meaning. You inflate it and that beautiful word starts loosing its original, genuine, humble, human value and it becomes just a word with four letters. L, O, V, and E. It is the same with too much printed paper that all of us call money! And here you have the technique where the money is printed but it is not supplied to all. It goes hot just to the few who would use it to get the real assets of the many, like land, factories, utilities, etc… for free! Nice looting technique. It was working for a long time. However the mathematics somehow got entangled and can not give the solution to the greed that overtook so many of us.

But, the paper is just the paper, and love is more than that. Paper will dissappear and love will be returning to the place that it belongs! To our hearts. Than even the paper will become what it was meant to be-medium of exchange and dept. Love being an asset! With that, all the production od everything will be done first with love. Everything will become easier and it will help us not to jump to conclusions like kangaroos. I used the example of kangaroos as we all witnessed the remarkable return of Novak Djokovic to AO, the home of beautiful curious kangaroos, and his 10th win there. That is so memorable and another example how many are jumping like kangaroos before the time is right. There is one saying which says- you are not right when you are right when the time is not right. That time is approaching and fast. Even with rain and snow.


Darko K.

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